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October 8, 2013
WHEW! It's been a little while since I've given you guys some new stuff to look at!

So recently I was featured in a video by The Onion - about a comedian who holds the audience hostage for 7 intense minutes - it featured some local comics as well as pH cast members! Check it out!

Hostages Freed After Tense 7-Minute Standup Set

I've also got a BIG SECRET project coming out very very soon! It's the kick-off project of the new media collective that I am proud to be a part of so stay tuned! #OHai

April 2, 2013

HI! Here's another episode of "I Just" that we did for PassoverClick here to subscribe to our channel and be sure to follow us on twitter at @IJustBlank!

March 15, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day Weekend everyone! Be SO sure to check out the new web-show I do with Katey Selix and Tim Ottolin called I Just!

Here is our St. Patrick's Day episode:

Check out our other episodes and subscribe! Also like us on FB here to get updates weekly about new episodes and to possibly participate in the show!

January 31, 2013

This weekend! I'm performing at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival in Chapel Hill! Check out their website for a schedule and tickets and COME SEE ME NC!

January 10, 2013

For better or worse, here is my experience/response to the Heckler article in the Chicago Tribune….this happened last weekend at The Drop Comedy Club

December 6, 2012

I am so pleased to welcome you to my site, and to announce that Eddy Irenwyne's album "Metaphysical Man" is online now!!

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Finishing this album has given me a giant soul-boner
Eddy Irenwyne

The process was amazing, and I want to specially thank all my friends and fans, and especially my band Knockhopper, and our amazing studio producer, Joe Connors at Paragon Studios for doing such an amazing job! Be sure to check out Eddy's section to see photos, vids and other goodies from our studio time!

So what else is new? WELL, along with Kenny Metroff I am now the co-host of the Phree for all Open-Mic at pH Comedy Theater in Andersonville! We've had a great time and a fantastic turnout so far, and even had our first Stand-up Showcase. The mic is every Wednesday, Sign-up from 9-9:30 with the mic starting shortly after.

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